The Carambar: a candy that embodies the French heritage!

The world of confectionery aims to please children, but also without forgetting adults. Whether it is hard candy or soft candy, several ranges of sweets exist in the world to delight the taste buds of consumers. And there are several shapes of candies that are sold on the markets. Round, square, rectangular or with more personalized shapes such as hot cakes which are sold in the stores.

The history of the famous carambar

The Carambar Caramel was originally a confectionery brand and has developed over the years. It was created on January 2, 1954 in the Delespaul-Havez Chocolate Factory by André Fauchille after the Second World War. It then became a delicacy of 6.2 cm long and whose weight was only 10 g. Then, the size and weight of this candy varied from one factory to another during the following years. This candy is made of a mixture of caramel and chocolate. Thousands of pieces of this product were then sold all over the country and also abroad, because it conquered the hearts of many people.

The candy ingredients 

The essential ingredients of this candy included glucose syrup, concentrated skimmed milk, sugar, salt, hydrogenated coconut oil, low-fat cocoa powder, artificial flavoring, gelatin and cinnamon. Then, a diversification of the product involved the addition of other ingredients, such as fruits, cola, nougat, and even spices. The first selling price of this delicacy was five centimes of franc, because the targeted customers at that time were children who went to school.

Carambar and France

The birth of the little chocolate caramelized bar was in Marcq-en-Baroeul, which is in the French territory. It is a product that still exists today on the market stall despite the fact that it has been developed for many years in the world of confectionery. In addition, it has helped the economy in France for several generations, thanks to the existence of a large number of production plants that make it. This also creates an employment opportunity for the French people. It is a candy that is easy to chew and to stretch in all directions in the mouth due to its composition. Finally, it has a great place in the history of France and it is part of its heritage. 

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