French gastronomy: an undisputed know-how!

Published on : 11 November 20212 min reading time

The culinary richness of French gastronomy makes its worldwide fame with the undisputed know-how of starred chefs. In 2010, it became “intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO”. Pastry, typical dishes and wines, cheese and charcuterie that forge the reputation of several regions, reported below, justify this decision.

Pastry, confectionery, sweets

The French pastry is innumerable to be savored passionately in coffee terraces, bakeries or with a French gourmet online grocery. To mention only a few, the following remain the most famous. Paris – Brest, the round looking choux pastry cake is filled with mousseline or butter cream and decorated with flaked almonds and powdered sugar. The mille-feuille, a stack of three layers of puff pastry, is filled with custard and glazed. The opera, one of the legendary ones, is square shaped and is made of three layers of Mona Lisa cookie sprinkled with coffee syrup, butter cream and chocolate ganache. Floating island (L’île flottante), lemon or fruit tarts are among the desserts among amid sweet pleasures.

Typical dishes and wines

Meat is judged among the French specialties, including meat in sauce: the famous “boeuf bourguignon”. During the end of year celebrations, foie gras prepared in different ways remains a very popular dish for all taste buds. The famous cassoulet has become a family dish of the French people even if Languedoc is its origin. It is best known with white beans and a mixture of meats (duck, goose, lamb, pork). The list seems long as the aligot, the coq au vin, the quiches of Lorraine… whose name refers to its origin. As for wine, each region has its own unique characteristics. Red, white, rosé, each type goes perfectly with all dishes.

Cheese and sausage products

Like other dishes, each cheese knows its region of birth. The blue cheese of Auvergne, characterized by its bluing, has a special, pleasant and aromatic taste. This cheese was born from experiments with rye bread mold and artificial holes. Munster cheese was created by the monks of the “Monasterium confluentes”. It is made of raw milk. Varieties are abundant such as Cantal, Reblochon, Maroilles … The textures differ in each type: fresh or white, melted, pressed uncooked or soft and bloomy rind … Moreover, the delicatessen occupies a considerable place in the French gastronomy. There are 450 specialties, including hams, dry cured meats, andouilles, black puddings, terrines, rillette, sausages…

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