How to enjoy hot chocolate in the French way?

Currently, most people love hot chocolate whether adults or children. Each type of hot chocolate has its own style, either Italian or classic, but we will see how to enjoy a French hot chocolate.

Choosing your chocolate

When you choose your chocolate, you must know its taste and value it. There are many kinds of chocolate such as dark, milk, white or others. You can change some textures but it is better to satisfy your taste. There are two types of chocolate forms like chocolate bar and chocolate powder but there are also spices mixed with the chocolate to give it a good smell and taste at the same time. When you visit a certain cafeteria in France, you will have a Carte Noire coffee made in France

How to make hot chocolate

Before mixing chocolate and milk, you have to heat the milk first. But hot chocolate doesn't have to be mixed with milk, it can be drunk without it. Chocolate without milk will not be as creamy as that but there are people who prefer it to be so. You have to control the calories and mix the milk with a specific dose. You also need to crush the chocolate to make it soft. You have to heat the water well and stir the chocolate so that it melts well.  Afterwards, you must choose the spices that make the customer or people eager to drink it. There are many kinds of spices that can be used with hot chocolate, such as vanilla, cinnamon, peppers, cloves, ginger, etc.

French hot chocolate

Most French people make hot chocolate at home to drink while relaxing at lunch or in the evening. Because every place or restaurant where you can go has its own recipe, and everyone has his or her own taste you can be pampered while in France and you can enjoy the chocolate with the ingredients and the spices you want. Most of the French places use vanilla as spices. The French hot chocolate is very popular among vacationers because it is soft and tasty. It seduces the visitors who would love to drink it thanks to the variety of ingredients that are used with it.

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