How to use a cast iron casserole?

Nowadays, cooking tools and kitchen instruments are constantly changing and maybe you too are having a hard time finding your way through all these culinary trinkets. As a result, it may be difficult to make your choices when it comes to cooking appliances including the cast iron casserole. Find out how to use one?

The use of the unglazed cast iron casserole

Usually, when you talk about unglazed cast iron casserole, the first idea that comes to your mind is an antique cast iron casserole. For its use, you need to start putting oil inside your tool, then you need to light your gas stove not exceeding 150 ° C. In this practice, to remove the excess oil, you can take a cloth. But be careful, when you cool your casserole, you should not put it in water or worse in your refrigerator, because this could damage it more quickly.

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The use of an enameled cast iron casserole

The enameled cast iron casserole is made of iron, covered with a tiny layer of glass. Its advantage is that this enamel covers the inside of the casserole while preserving the cast iron pot. For its use, if it is for the first time, you must first clean it with hot water, then you must install it on low fire so that it can dry up. After that, you need to pour some oil in it to infiltrate the pores of the enamel. This method creates a smooth surface which will help prevent food from sticking to the cast iron pan during cooking.

Simmering and roasting

The cast iron casserole can be used for many types of cooking such as simmering. Simmering requires water to cook your food perfectly. To bring out the best flavors of your favorite dishes, you need to cook them over low heat for a while, with the lid on. For roasting, you simply put your cast iron casserole in the oven without the lid and to increase the temperature to brown your food. With this kind of cooking, your preparations will be soft inside.

You can therefore distinguish between two types of cast iron casserole. As for any tool, it must be maintained before and after its use. When you use it, you must put it on a low fire with oil or water. It is not recommended to put it in a refrigerator to cool, but simply leave it in the open air.

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